When it comes to web design many people tend to shy away and rather get one of the ‘experts or gurus’ to do it for them and this sometimes is a stumbling block for many would be Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs as they are under the impression that it costs a lot of money.

The truth be told it can in fact cost you a reasonable amount of money and hours and hours of your time which you will spend going over the details of how you want your site to look and work with the web designer which you choose to handle the project for you.

But here is a little secret which many of the ‘experts and gurus’ neglect to let you in on when it comes to web design:

Web design is a lot simpler than you might think!

There is absolutely no reason why your beginning to learn how to do your own web design need even cost you a single cent or hours and hours of learning different programming languages or even HTML. When I first looked at the Internet as a platform to use as a Wealth Creator, I also was very intimidated but soon learned after spending heaps of cash online that as usual there are ways to simplify matters.

I spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars online trying to find the perfect courses, strategies and products in order to be able to handle my web design and Internet Marketing projects, but after a lot of frustration, confusion and lack of results, I realized that the reason why I was not getting anywhere was that I was allowing the experts to complicate things in order to keep me ignorant and at their mercy.

It was then that I took a step back and applied the Wealth Creators strategy in order to break down what I was trying to achieve into its most basic components in order to be able to simplify and automate the entire process.

Suddenly things started falling into line and I developed a system which uncomplicated the entire web design process and made it so simple that anyone would be able to follow it.

After using this process a good couple of times very successfully to make cash online I decided to develop a very easy to follow beginners web design course called “Build-a-Web” which I decided to make freely available at absolutely no cost on the Internet.

Well, the result was astonishing, I had never realized how many people were in the same frustrated and confused state due to the ‘experts and gurus’ complicated material which they were selling, suddenly I had hundreds of people empowered by this course and realizing how simple web design actually can be.

Since these early days I have successfully made literally millions online using this simple system and the strategies contained in “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” without knowing anything about HTML code or any other fancy programming languages.

You see, the reason I was not successful online before this is that I had no control over my projects, web design or marketing strategies, it was all in the hands of the ‘experts and gurus’ and as a Wealth Creator I know that this is where I was breaking the Formula for Riches.

This is the number one reason why being in control of your own web design and Internet Marketing strategies is so very important, you need to be in control of your own Internet Marketing businesses if you want them to be successful.

The great part about it is that to gain this control is far easier than you think and is well within the grasp of anyone willing to put in a small amount of time, energy and dedication in order to lay the essential foundation for what could be your greatest Internet Marketing success ever.

So do yourself a favor and take back control of your own destiny instead of leaving it in the hands of others, break the cycle of ignorance and allow yourself the space to flourish and truly become the best that you can be.

Please feel free to leave your comments in the section below the article as I really appreciate them in order to see in what other ways I can continue to add more value for you and perhaps address other matters pertaining to Internet Marketing or web design which might be of value to you.


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