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Why is it that so many people are unable to make money online even when they have consulted the “Experts” or “Gurus”?

Well I have the answer for you and it is far simpler than the “Experts and Gurus make it out to be!”

Make the most of your time online and learn the secrets which are not being taught by the “Experts”, Internet Marketing is made out to be a very difficult task, this need not however be so!

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” will show you how simple this can be the moment you learn how not to complicate things. Here is what a couple of people had to say after they had read the book:

From Name: Peter Howard

I told a friend, who works in IT in London, that I was contemplating learning how to market via the internet. He sent me everything he had and after I read around 35 articles, e-books and reports I had to tell him to stop.

The reason was that I had just started receiving the “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” from Hannes which completely eclipsed what I was reading. “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” details and explains concisely how to make sense of the vastness of the internet….

The author, a successful internet marketer, details and shares his experience and presents it practically. The pleasure gained from reading the book is almost sufficient motivation for recommending it.


From Name: Cornelius Claassen

I'm not a natural entrepreneur, and the internet is a bit of a daunting place to start doing business for me. So I'm very much a beginner with all this. This e-book however is teaching me a lot and making me confident that I can actually do this.

It is in simple terms and easy to understand. Suddenly it doesn't sound like such a big issue any more. It is very practical and to the point. There is a lot about internet business I haven’t even heard of before this e-book.

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No longer will you need to be intimidated by loads of technical jargon!

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” does away with all of the jargon which the “gurus and Experts” use to keep you confused. In this book the essential facts about what you need to know in order to get a head start in Internet marketing are explained in an easy to understand and practical manner.

Have you already tried everything and have still not made a cent online?

Not only will you get plenty of new ideas as to how you can make money online, but “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” will also supply you with tons of background information as to the effective ways to be able to make money online.

Often it is not the technique which you are using which is keeping you from making money online, but rather your lack of understanding as to how to apply the techniques.

This book looks at Internet Marketing in a completely new light and often supplies you with information which the “experts and gurus” would rather keep to themselves.

Take control of your own Internet Business and learn how to develop, maintain and run your own website.

By taking the time to read this book, you will expose yourself to the fact that you need not be an expert in order to build, maintain and run your own Internet site practically for free.

For far too long people have been led to believe that to run your own website you would need to be an expert. The information within this book will prove otherwise!

How can you drive the correct traffic to your site in order to make money online?

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” effectively shows you how to begin drawing the correct traffic to your site by means of using effective article writing, SEO and many other means without needing to be an expert in these fields.

Many people are under the impression that all of these are specialist fields, but this is only due to the fact that the fields have never before been simplified for them. Once you understand the workings of drawing Internet traffic, the practical application of it becomes far simpler.

Is it possible to make money online without having your own product?

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” covers this in detail and explains the workings of affiliate marketing, joint ventures and many other ways for you to make money online without having to actually have a product of your own.

It is actually very easy to register your own website and to run it yourself.

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” looks at the aspects of registering your own site and adds many insights as to what to look out for should you be looking for a hosting company.

I am sure that we have all or will all experience the following when it comes to getting your own Internet Marketing business up and running:

  • Not truly understanding what Internet Marketing is and how it works
  • Battling to start your Internet Marketing business in a cost effective and efficient way
  • Knowing how to determine whether what you have to offer will have a market
  • Knowing what you can and can not sell online
  • How to actively get the Internet to see what it is that you have to offer
  • How to get the search engines to sit up and take note of what your site has to offer
  • How can you begin to make money online without having your own product or service
  • Where to start looking for material so as to build content or develop your own digital product
  • How to build a database or mailing list from scratch which will actually be worth something
  • What different marketing methods you can use to your benefit when it comes to Internet Marketing
  • How to advertise on the Internet without it costing you a fortune
  • How to actually start making money online even if your website is top notch, but you are not seeing the results

Well this need not be the case!

By simply taking the time to read “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” you will be saving yourself a lot of time, money and hassles which you would have had should you not have made time for this incredible opportunity.

The best of all is that “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” does not deal with all of these problems in the conventional way.

Rather it takes hands on practical approach to most of the mistakes which first time and experienced Internet Marketers will make. Rather than complicate things, “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” looks for ways to simplify everything and make it easy to understand.

It covers a wide variety of common stumbling blocks such as:

  • Understanding exactly what Internet Marketing is and what it is not
  • How to begin to set up your Internet Marketing Business
  • How to find what it is that people are interested in and are willing to pay for
  • How to actually sell your products or services online
  • How to develop content for your site and to optimize the content for the Internet
  • The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to use it and what to look for in order to maximize its effect
  • How to make use of other people in order to sell your product online or how to make money doing so for others
  • How to structure joint ventures and make them very profitable for your own business
  • A wide variety of marketing methods such as viral marketing, article marketing and many more
  • How to begin to build your own mailing list or database from practically nothing
  • How to get your product or service advertised at a minimal cost
  • How you can regain control and run your entire business without the “necessary” guidance from experts or gurus!

There are so many different marketing aspects which are covered in this one book which many “experts and gurus” will offer entire courses on but will still not be able to simplify it to the degree which “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” does.

The whole idea behind writing this book conforms to one of my favorite sayings which is “KISS” or “Keep it Simple Stupid”. Far too often we allow ourselves and others to complicate things in our lives.

This book was written with the intent to empower the people who want to know more and to take back the control which the experts and gurus have been looking to keep for themselves.

However you need not simply take my word for it, why not take a quick look at what some of my readers have had to say in this regard:

From Name: David Jacobs

I have read and paid for another e-book, subscribed to newsletters and read a number of articles but I was left with little knowledge on how to go forward and learn how to build an Internet business myself. There is so much hype and fuss out there but you brought it down to basics that can be learnt and applied. Your e-book has left me with the feeling that I can say to myself “Hey! This is possible!”

From Name: Fanie Jooste

This E-book is proof of Dr Hannes Dreyer's immense knowledge of Internet Marketing. He is approaching the subject in a scientific, systematic way and he presents his knowledge in a well formulated text. Everyone reading this text soon comes under the impression of his sincerity and honesty, because he presents his knowledge clearly and systematically with no hidden agendas. This E-book is unique, because its very valuable content and I whole-heartedly recommend it!

From Name: Louis Venter

Thank you for a very well written, very informative, easy to understand Internet Marketing E-book.

I have been busy on the Internet for the past year now and thought I could classify myself as an “intermediate” instead of a “newbie” by now. After reading your e-book I realized that my knowledge with regard to Internet Marketing was a lot more limited than I thought.

You just saved me a lot of time and effort because basically everything that a person wants to know with regard to Internet Marketing is contained within this one e-book.

I am really impressed with the amount of information you supply and also the lots of detail you go into. Thank you also for all the tips, on what to do and what not

Want to be in control of your own Internet Marketing Business?

As you can see, these testimonials give an insight into what “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” has to offer but let me tell you exactly what will be covered in the book which will add great value to you as the reader.

  • What Internet Marketing is and what it is not.
  • How to go about setting up your own Internet Marketing Business, including the tools you require, how to select a domain name, what business models to consider and finding efficient web hosting.
  • Understanding the importance of a niche market and determining your niche.
  • How and what you will be able to sell online.
  • The power of copy writing and how you can use it to draw traffic to your site.
  • The importance of SEO and how it can benefit your Internet Marketing Business (including how to improve your SEO.)
  • The true potential of affiliate marketing for you as the supplier or as the affiliate.
  • The power of joint venture deals and how to go about structuring them.
  • How to use resell rights to boost your business and understanding the different types of resell rights.
  • How to build your own database or mailing list out of nothing.
  • The true effects you will be able to use to boost your business via viral marketing.
  • How to advertise your product or service on the Internet at a very low to no cost.

 “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” will take you on a practical and easy to understand journey from designing your own site and selecting the correct domain name and host right through the process you will need to follow in order to establish your own Internet Marketing Business without the need for experts or gurus.

Almost every possible aspect of successful Internet Marketing will be covered throughout the book in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

All you need to do is make use of the information which you are supplied with in a practical and easy to follow manner and to make use of the further resource suggestions and within no time you will be well on your way to being a successful Internet Marketer.

This fantastic book “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” has absolutely tons of valuable information and insights in store for the reader. But the best of all is that:

  • It is written in an understandable way free from much of the jargon which the “experts and gurus” like to use in order to keep us ignorant and confused.
  • It is compact, to the point and full of valuable detail.
  • It looks at Internet Marketing from a totally new and refreshing perspective which actually works.
  • It gives insights which normally would have been kept away from the general public as these insights form part of a million dollar industry which likes to keep the general public ignorant.
  • It covers a variety of Internet Marketing techniques which would normally be split up into separate products or courses.
  • It will help you to liberate yourself from the grips of the gurus and experts.
  • It grants the reader freedom from ignorance and a clear and setout path to be followed to be able to establish a world class Internet Marketing Business.

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